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Welcome To Your Number One


When we use the term “Inspirational”, we are referring to all forms of entertainment that promotes positive messages about topics such as love, relationships, life journeys, and encouragement. These messages may be relayed in the form of multiple genres of music (hip hop, R&B/soul, gospel, dance hall, etc..). Not only do we consider inspirational entertainment as promoting positive messages, but also entertainment that is free of vulgar language (including cursing and explicit sexual references) so that they can be enjoyed by everyone! Because our focus is on promoting inspirational entertainment and not specific types of artists, artists that are showcased on our platform are not always gospel artists, but may range in genres and talents.


Man wearing at suit smiling

Mike The Chaplain ft. Robert Curry

Estee's Power of the Pen
Warryn Campbell 

Zheh Roger

"Story To Tell"

Jessica Jolia
"Ooh La La"

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