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To promote and distribute Inspirational Entertainment and merchandise that gives people hope.  



This website is designed to promote Inspirational music and artists as well as other forms of entertainment that are in line with our mission.


This site can be utilized to SHOWCASE and/or to DISCOVER new and promising talent via streaming music, viewing music videos and profiles, and being informed of related community events.


In addition, Inspirational merchandise is also available for purchase.



Hip-Hop Recovery represents taking "Christian" Hiphop out the box by redefining the hiphop artist as multi-dimensional. It also represents a return to hot beats and lyricists that are timeless. Est. 2016


Gerald "SyncereOnBeatz" Bookman started working with independent record labels in 2002.  In 2008, he worked at Ruff Ryders Entertainment as an intern, during which time he was given an opportunity to learn about artist development and a few things about the business side of entertainment by CEO, Dee "The General" Dean.  


In 2010, while working in the studio as an inspirational rap artist under his own label entitled Music Diary Productions, he was discovered by a musician/producer that worked closely with Grammy winning record producer, Blac Elvis.  Utilizing the help of this producer and two others, SyncereOnBeatz launched Music Diary Group, an unofficial production company that participated in developing an artist, writing songs, and producing music between 2010-2013.  MDG worked alongside several artists such as Paul Porter, American Idol contestants; Kendra Chantelle and Ruben Studdard, and many more.


In 2013, SyncereOnBeatz stepped back from the music industry as he was conflicted about the type of music he was creating and about the direction he wanted his music career to go in.  After spending time seeking God, SyncereonBeatz felt called to return to music with a focus on gospel and inspirational lyrics.  In 2016, SyncereOnBeatz established Music Diary Group LLC, making MDG an official company to promote music and movies that inspire and give hope. 


"Unlocking The Music" Is Our Motto

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