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MIAJAIRAN sitting on the top of the stairs with his hand on top of his head. He is wearing a white shirt and blue pants.

MIAJAIRAN "Jainrian" is a hip-hop artist and songwriter from Las Vegas, NV.

Jainrian brings a sense of realness and depth to his music.

Creating his own sound that others can easily relate to. He

experienced near death situations, drug addictions, depression,

abuse, and more. Jai understands the struggle and heartache,

which reflects in his music. Since he has been making music for

the Father, Jairian says, "I found purpose in my life through the

talents and gifts God entrusted to me.

I want to encourage and inspire others who are burdened and

hurt by sharing testimonies and giving God glory, always

pointing back to Jesus.” Having a desire to spread Gods love

and gospel through song and word, ministering to broken


Jairian is no newcomer when creating quality music and

serving God. Being saved and finding a passion for music when

he was eight, Jai has worked alongside credible producers,

engineers, musicians, writers, and artists. Although, not much

has been released. Jai has a catalog, including his official album,

Dear America he is set to release by the end of 2023. With his

heartfelt lyrics - transparency, and powerful story-telling

songs, Miajairian will bring a raw and relatable aspect to the

Christian music industry.


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