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Terrell "T-Rex" Simon

Staple Award winner for best new artist and a Troy, New York native, Terrell "T-Rex" Simon started delivering soul stirring music at a very young age. He got his professional start in New York City while performing with a traveling choir throughout the region. His connections later led him to platinum producer Life Jennings who took him on the road where he gained multiple types of experiences including managing and developing other artists. He appeared on MTV Unplugged with Neo and on TV shows such Jimmy Kimmel, Good Morning America, David Letterman, Jay Leno, and 106 & Park. In 2015 he went on to launch is own solo career with his debut EP entitled Number 8 New beginnings. He originated his own genre entitled RNG, which stands for Rhythm N Gospel, and beautifully infuses his natural church boy upbringing with his love of hip hop. Over the next few years he released several singles such as Let it Rain and Shine. In 2021 he released his first full album, The Package, with his first single, The Storm, already becoming an instant hit amongst his fans.


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