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Christina Moune'

Christina Moune’ from Cleveland, Ohio brings to us an array of styles, blends and tones that make her unique in her own sense. Being born into a musical family Moune’ says that “music was so engrained in me there was no way my path wouldn’t have lead me here”. Christina’s path has been anything but conventional but is grateful that it brought her to this place.

“Most of my family is musical in some way, almost everyone in my house, except my mom, could sing (sorry ma). But even so, her love of El Debarge and those early guy groups like Boyz 2 Men and Guy helped to shape me too.”

Moune’s first talent show was at 4 and from there continued to excel in choirs, theater, and even was a member of a local girl group. With influence from Anita Baker and Brandy, she loves all music and styles and can appreciate the intricacies of them all. Her preference though, will always be R&B. “There’s nothing perfect about me so there will be nothing perfect about my music, my prayer is simple - people feel it and feel me. R&B really helps me to set in those feels so that’s the place I sing from. There’s beauty even in the ugly”.

You can find Christina’s recent feature “Leanin” with K.Bee the messenger on all platforms .Stay Tune for her upcoming single “I Do” produced by The Kollective . The sky is the limit for this songbird.

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